Agencies picking up on Monday

Abilene Missionary - 


Anchored in Hope - Karon Johnson

Apostolic Pentacostal COG - Eloise Gordon

Chance for Hope - 

Christ Community - Alex Drose

Citra 7th Day Adventist - Alma Thomas

City Lights - Sandye & Greg Gospodarec

Dunnellon 7th Day Adv - Michelle Pittman

Faith & Justice Coalition - Beverly Hockenberry

God's House Ministry - Callis Mitchell

Greater New Bethel - Dennis Hagins

Hawthorne Area Resource Center - Wally Russell

Help Agency of the Forest - Charles Goodman

Helping Others Providing Empathy - Chiquita

His House for Her - Brenda Adams

Iglesia Cristiana Transformando- Isabel Maldonado

Iglesia Cristo Refugio Eterno -   Pastor  Nieves 

Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Movimiento   -  Elmer Bano

Iglesia Del Nazareno Principe de Paz - Pastor Fegueroa

Little Guatalupe - Salvadore Tobar

Ocala Zion United Methodist Church - Ruby Garvin

Premiere Eglise Baptiste Haitienne De Marion Cnty

Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Marion Oaks

The Rock - Tiffany Henke

Anointed to Serve - Minister Earnestine Cannady 

Eve's Ministry- Everline Burrowes 

Morriston Baptist Church- James McLeroy 

New St. Lewis Church- Calvin

New Vision Baptist Church - Jim Lynch 

Monday - May 2 - 6:30-8:30

available for pickup:




Monday - May 9- 6:30-8;30

Nothing available

Send Me International Missions- Pastor Matos

Sister Graham, Liberty Chapel

Center for Independent Living - Kevin Towles

Wings of Faith COG - Juanita Orellana (George)

Solid Rock Church of God of Inverness

Soloman Ministries - Charles McDavid