His Compassion is an entirely non-profit food bank operated by unpaid board members, staff, and volunteers that are made up of nurses, politicians, businessmen, businesswomen, lay people, and clergy from a broad number of faiths.  We work long hours with a dedicated team that works for free...beginning at 5 am and ending at non.  We are here to satisfy a real need in our community without the overhead costs of expensive staff.  When we receive donations, the funds are used to pay for truck and fuel expenses, and power to keep the frozen foods frozen and the produce and dairy cold.

His Compassion practices safe care, custody, and control procedures for our foods and has certificated staff, CDL licensed driver and DOT inspected refrigerated trucks that deliver the products safely to the community.

In fact, we have quietly provided over 21 million pounds of food and other items in 2021 to 7 counties including Marion, Lake, Sumter, Levy, Alachua, Citrus, and Hernando Counties.